Scrumpix-Images began in 1996, and as the title suggests was based around the photographing of rugby. Over the years more sports have been added to the Scrumpix portfolio, netball, hockey, football, cricket, lacrosse, ultimate frisby,  and athletics.

I  get huge satisfaction from seeing a Scrumpix image  on a web page or in print, its an emotion which I hope never diminishes.  There is also a desire to produce an image better than the last, I have a saying which reflects this, ‘ if taking pictures becomes too easy I am not trying hard enough’.

Sport is not just about the field of play, many times the most powerful image can involve the crowd,  an official or players on the touchline, it doesn’t matter which sport the emotion off the field is probably greater than that on it.


Since 1996 I have been commissioned to cover 3 forms of Rugby World Cups, the 2010 Women’s World Cup, 2015 International Defence Force Cup and 2016 the Universities 7s World Cup.  A large  number of commissions are also based around the visual portrayal of a sponsors logo or product


The best conformation of a product are images of players using that product it is the ultimate endorsement and from the clients perspective it is the money shot.

I have been fortunate to work with the leading players in sporting festivals, teams, schools, web & print media and have undertaken commissions with Bournemouth 7s, Viper 10, iPro Sports, HM Armed Forces, independent and state schools. 

To ensure that the clients requirements are met, there are occasions where I team up with other sports photographers.  This enables greater flexibility,  and ensures that nothing goes uncaptured.


info@scrumpix.co.uk or 07804 136712